• Welcome to the Digify Advertising Network!

  • The Digify TV Advertising Network (DAN) is the fastest growing digital signage network in Jamaica comprised of indoor and outdoor screens that allows you to put your advertising content in front of your target audience.

What Does DAN offer?

This network gives you supreme value for your advertising dollars by putting your ads in front of those who you want most to see them. You are able to choose which locations you would like to play your ads, and for how long, without being tied to an expensive, long-term contract. DAN aims to make digital advertising accessible to everyone.

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Reach Your Target Audience

DAN is comprised of outdoor billboards, indoor screens and mobile screens on top of vehicles; all of which, can be loaded with your captivating message. We also take digital advertising into events, if that is your wish.

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Partner With DAN!

The network is always expanding and you have the opportunity to not only advertise on the network, but also host one of our screens in your location. Businesses that host our screens receive additional benefits by being a part of the Digify family.

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The Digify Advertising Network offers various advertising options to suit any budget and any advertising need that you may have. You can choose one advertising venue or you can capitalise on them all. We will recommend the best plan for you to maximise your return, grow your business or get your message out there.

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With DAN, the power is yours!

DAN is affordable, hassle-free advertising. There are no long term contracts. You decide on how many screens and for how long your ad will run. Customize an advertising plan to fit your budget, today.

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Promote with us today.

The Digify Advertising Network (DAN) has been created to provide a space especially for SMEs to promote their business, products and services, without the need for a million-dollar budget. This is a network built from the ground up with the emerging entrepreneur in mind. DAN can help you to:

Connect with a production team to create an ad for you if you don't already have one.

Promote businesses, events, products, etc. ISLANDWIDE.

Connect directly with your your target audience by displaying your ads in high traffic areas.

More On DAN?

Frequent updates

When you buy into DAN you buy into a software that is constantly evolving. So as we create new solutions you are first in line to get them.

Technical support

DAN has a complete ecosystem to cater to all your needs.

Customizable Plan

DAN doesn't force you to break the bank. We have plans to meet every budget.

Fast and powerful

Ads deployed at the speed of life. DAN allows you to dispatch your ads in seconds to screens across the country.

True words from our customers

DAN has helped many clients achieve their advertising goals. Here is what is what a few had to say:

Fusion Gym

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Cash Wiz

This system is magic! It is super responsive and allows us to send your ads to screens all over.

Cyber Circuit

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